How many shots, masks, tests, and how much hand sanitizer will it take to end the Pandemic? How many more days do we need to stay home to ensure hospital care for the elderly and the immune-compromised?

On December 20, 2021, just as our kids were finishing up what for many has been the most brutal school year of their young lives, the newly appointed President of The Palos Verdes School District, Linda Reid, sent a very condescending Holiday message. While she started in the right direction by quoting her colleague Ami Gandhi who said, "We must respect one another," she undid any hope for respect from us when she went on to quote a philosophy professor who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times regarding COVID-19. She requoted his sentiments, "People who say that they should be exempt without cost are refusing to take their responsibility seriously to the rest of us. They can hardly expect us to burden ourselves for their sakes if they aren't inclined to reciprocate."

Was she talking about her colleagues who were all gathered together indoors sipping on cocktails despite the State-Wide Indoor Mask Mandate? A picture is worth a thousand words and we see fully unmasked School Board Member Suzanne Seymore and Superintendent Alex Cherniss standing next to School Board Member, Richard Phillips' Wife. We thought being socially close was against the COVID LAWS. Isn't it so interesting how they take no shame in being publicly unburdened in photographs while the kids were off in a corner in masks playing the violin? The irony is too much for any sane human to comprehend. And, to see those kids playing the violin, too...hopefully, they can learn how to play something fitting for the moment like the Kraken or another epic battle scene. (Kids, we see you! And, there's a whole lot of Grown-Ups who are fighting for you.) For the record, we have no problem with unmasked partiers and big donors. Our issue is with the unmasked telling us to wear masks.

Linda went on to say, "If you are around other people over the holiday break, regardless of your vaccination status, you have a duty to our community to be COVID tested before returning to school on January 3.


And just a week later, the Superintendent, who was also spotted not following the rules he made, sent out a District-wide email stating, "Our school district is seeing a huge upswing in Covid positive cases over the past several days. This surge is consistent with trends locally and nationally. Yesterday, there were over 50 Covid positive cases at our district testing sites, a single-day high since the beginning of this Pandemic." Insert the VIOLIN MUSIC HERE>>

What do you think is going to happen when you tell everyone in town to go get tested?

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