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Science does not require trust or belief. 

Science requires evidence.

The overwhelming amount of evidence demonstrates that The California Department of Public Health in collaboration with the Federal Government and other State and Local Health Authorities failed to follow the science. Instead, they chose the most inconvenient, untested, and dangerous routes to mitigate the risks of COVID-19. And, at the top of the list of their crimes against humanity is the fact that they put the burden of weight to stop the spread of an airborne virus on our kids.  

History will frown on those who blindly followed orders and failed to question whether they were being lead by science or by lies. 

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The California Administrative Procedure Act (APA), requires that all agency directives be clear, necessary and that emergency orders demonstrate the need for the regulation by providing substantial evidence and reference each technical or empirical study on which the agency relies on.

Throughout the Pandemic, Agencies, and People in favor of a one-size-fits-all mandate, have relied on catchphrases like, "I wear a mask for you and you wear a mask for me." Yet, they have never once presented the evidence demonstrating that masks stopped the spread of COVID-19. The only anecdotal evidence provided has been studies demonstrating how many spit droplets a cloth mask catches. However, these studies have failed to examine the obvious, cloth masks allow for viral particulates to enter the mouth and nose and without a proper exhale, these viral particulates can result in deep lung penetration. 

For SARS-CoV-2, the virus that contributes to COVID-19, an airborne pathogen, the most relevant engineering control is indoor ventilation and improving the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system performance, namely, the frequency of air changes per hour. HVAC systems achieving 6 air changes per hour are proven to be 99% effective against airborne pathogens, thus making ventilation the MOST EFFECTIVE way to keep people SAFE. 

Children and some adults have suffered tremendously behind their masks. Early childhood development is dependent on a multiplicity of variables. At the heart of all discussions on the risks associated with long-term masking is the concern that children are not developing the critical skill of facial recognition that supports their social abilities. Emotion recognition is perhaps second to face recognition in enabling social reasoning. For young children in pre-school, they have never had a day when they have seen the smile or a frown of their teachers or their classmates. 

Other risks associated with masking include headaches, nausea, dizziness, difficulty regulating the breath, and in some rare circumstances, children have passed out while running outside with their masks on. 

With so many known risks, we ask, WHY didn't the State of California follow the science?

Why did they ignore all of the available research?

We have the technology in America to keep our kids and all people safe at school, at work, and in every place where we share our air. But the Government failed to do its part. And, all those that went along with them all together with group think, failed to put our kids' health first. 

School Boards will now be scurrying to cover themselves. They will claim we couldn't afford to fix the HVAC. However, once again, that will be a lie. Schools received millions of dollars and many wasted funds on Social and Emotional Learning Surveys, instead of cleaning the air. 

The California Department of Education received a notice of the method to request more financial aid for equipment and capital expenditures for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Supplemental Appropriations. Funding is available through the ESSER 1 Funds, GEER 1 Funds, ESSER II Funds, GEER II Funds. To receive funding Policy Makers, at the State and Local Level, must submit a form with a quote of the item or items to be purchased, documentation demonstrating why this option is most cost-effective, and then submit the request to the Federal Stimulus Team at

No matter how well-intentioned the thought of masking, testing, and vaccinating may be; these mitigation strategies are not supported by science and facts. It is clear that Group Think, with statements like, "We are all in this together," has eroded people's ability to think critically, to examine the facts, and to make the necessary upgrades to the HVAC systems in all schools across the COUNTRY.  

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INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE (IH) is the science of protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace. The term industrial hygiene emerged in the early 1900s with the launch of the Industrial Hygiene arm of the American Public Health Association (APHA).

This Field of Science is comprised of the "real experts" who study exposure to viruses and various methods of protection from hazardous substances, toxins, and viral transmission of millions of viruses and airborne bacteria.  

IH is not recognized by Much of the Public, Media, & Governmental Officials – Thus Media often rely on M.D.s Instead for Information on Controlling Exposures. 

There is not one Industrial Hygiene Expert on the PVPUSD Medical Team. 

However, the PVPUSD School Board has religiously followed advice from  several doctors who are involved in clinical research for vaccines and has profited greatly with the sale of COVID-19 tests. 

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