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Gender Ideology

The “imposition” of a system of beliefs  that threatens traditional values and corrupts society.

Gender Ideology at PVPUSD

Gender Ideology at PVPUSD

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In response to several parents expressing concern over two Fifth Grade Teachers reading a book about a young girl shaving her head at a slumber party and announcing, "I am a boy" The PVFA Leader spun the narrative to depict parents as transphobic. And, then the Palos Verdes Democrats put out a CALL TO ACTION AND committed libel when they wrote, "If you take a look, you'll see that the Save PV Schools social media is disturbingly anti-trans." What ensued, due to both parties misinterprationof reality were children who felt hurt and were lead to believe their rights were being taken away. When in reality, it was Parent's Rights, Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech being squashed by the radical leftists in our community. 
Film Credits: Mo Kim Creative Agent -

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