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How To Lie With Statistics

In 2020, Bill Gates, who in our house I refer to as Thanos, recommended the book, How to Lie With Statistics." Darrel Huff wrote it in 1954. It gained popularity again in 2020 when media outlets like the New York times and the Wall Street Journal gave it a thumbs up. Huff wrote, "There is terror in numbers. And nowhere does this terror translate to blind acceptance of authority more than in the slippery world of averages, correlations, graphs, and trends."

Every Pubic School took AWARD MONEY TO TEST, MASK and VACCINATE KIDS for COVID and they participated in the acceptance of blind authority and Government Control under the illusion of safety.

Then, the PVPUSD and other School Districts throughout the State of California, willfully engaged in discriminatory and dangerous policies that target unvaccinated students, staff, and parents to make life more difficult for them. And, they are still steering the sinking Titanic full throttle into the iceberg with no signs of course correcting for their erroneous errors in judgment.

Our Schools accepted a science-fiction agenda to force gene therapy vaccine trends that violate the United States Constitution, The GINA ACT and multiple Education Codes, and the Civil Rights Act (medical discrimination).

The PVPUSD District was very precarious by taking over 15 million dollars in award money to use COVID-19 testing to push vaccines onto our little kids. Receiving award money from State and Federal funds to promote vaccines on school campuses compromised their integrity and jeopardized our children's lives.

Demanding that the unvaccinated teachers, staff, and athletes show a negative COVID test once a week to prove they aren't sick is unjust and deplorable treatment, especially given that we know the science.

The science shows that vaccinated people can still catch and spread COVID, so why are unvaccinated staff and students mistreated and forced to give up genetic and medical privacy rights?

The LIE being told by The United Teachers Los Angeles and other Politicians is that indoor masking is necessary for staff and students because students under the age of five are not eligible for vaccination. Now that the indoor mask policy is being lifted, they concluded that the weekly testing program through the end of the school year is still necessary. In our local district, PVPUSD, testing is not mandatory however, the District is using tactics of Peer-Pressure, gaslighting and manipulation to convince children it is their duty to prove they are not sickly before returning to school campuses after Spring Break.

There is no evidence that testing stops transmission or that there is a need for testing based on a risk to benefit analysis of the data.

According to The Journal Of The American Medical Association, in 2019, there were 73 million children aged 0 to 17 years living in the United States. Children represent 22% of the US Population. The push to vaccinate children has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with profit.

The overwhelming amount of evidence shows COVID-19 does not pose a significant threat to most children.

Fooling someone terrified of numbers and floating viruses is easy. And White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki knows exactly how to do it. When The Florida Surgeon General recommended kids do not get vaccinated for COVID-19, she went on the counter attack to get shots in little kids' arms. She accused the Surgeon General of spreading Conspiracy Theories and then she said, "We know the science. We know the data." She went on to deliver the terror by stating, "We know from the data that unvaccinated teenagers are three times as likely to be hospitalized" if they get COVID-19 than vaccinated teenagers."

But anyone who has a healthy amount of critical thought would ask,


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Weekly Data Report, "Almost 12.8 million children have tested positive for COVID-19." Case numbers are gathered through a data supply chain. Local Schools serve as part of that data supply chain and are required to report all positive cases to the Health Department. When Schools host on-site testing, they report the positive cases to the County. The County uses a Data Processing system known as Redcap. Individual businesses, Schools, and anyone can report a cluster of cases at The Health Department even allows for anonymous tattletales to turn in anyone they suspect might have the sniffles or a business owner who is not enforcing operation COVID-19.

Of the 12.8 million positive COVID cases in children. .1% to 1.5% resulted in hospitalization. But the CDC recently updated that data stating that they didn't use the right algorithm for their data....OOPS! That's a big glitch and it tells us if you start with the wrong equation you can't possibly come to the correct conclusions. But let's pretend unvaccinated kids have a three times higher chance of being hospitalized with COVID, as Psaki said. No matter how many times we look at the data, COVID doesn't pose a significant threat that warrants any more human control measures and public health orders.

We don't have the data to determine the exact number of children who died with COVID because no child died from only COVID. We have data that tells us that COVID was not the main culprit of death in the .0% to .01% of total deaths in children and teens.

According to the data, the main cause of Hospital Visits was not COVID, but it was:

  • cancer

  • Respiratory distress

  • obesity

  • diabetes

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • suicides

  • heart disease

But since the Hospital also forced kids to take a COVID test, the propaganda machine used that data to inflate COVID numbers and take them out of context. And, just like the media recently corrected their lies about Hunter Biden's nasty laptop, the media corrected their lie about the total COVID-related deaths.

After two years of terrorizing parents with the thought of impending doom, the CDC finally fixed their data earlier this week, which reduced the death tallies in all age groups, including children. In a statement to Reuters, the health agency said it made adjustments to its COVID Data Tracker's mortality data on March 14 because its algorithm was accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related.

The CDC removed 416 pediatric deaths, so does that mean we are now dealing with a negative death count for kids?

According to the new data, Children accounted for about 19% of all COVID-19 cases. Children have also been forced into POOLED TESTING. In LA County some kids are still getting tested weekly.

Still, less than 0.26% of cases resulted in death. And, still does not account for the total population, 73 million children in America.

So why is there a radical left-wing agenda to shoot up all kids regardless of a lack of statistical risk?

Pfizer, Moderna and Senators want to Mandate COVID shots to all kids to enter school.
Pfizer and Moderna want the FDA to approve Booster Shots

It's a sick world, and the truth is the villains in the world consider children a reusable commodity worth trillions of dollars.

Our School Administrators have demonstrated to us for two years that terror and lies can control them. When questioned, they defer to propaganda, "We are following the science."

The truth is, "They are not following science; it is economics and cognitive dissonance." In Palos Verdes, our School Board is listening to their chosen Medical Team of Experts who just so happen to be involved in the vaccines' clinical trials and made a killing off of COVID testing. Our School Administrators and Teachers Unions throughout the State have failed us repeatedly when they ignored the needs of their children and put their on delusions of safety as justification for mitigation strategies that did more harm than good. And they are about to fail us again as they hand out more COVID home tests before Spring Break as if they are party favors.

We cannot allow people so easily fooled by statistics to make personal medical and life decisions for our families. Every person needs to get involved with holding School Board Members and Superintendents accountable for their failure to follow the actual science presented by honest Doctors like the Florida State Surgeon General.

We need to show up in full force to say, "ENOUGH!" Stop giving our kids medical diagnostic test kits. Stop blindly following orders and stop spreading terror. Start spreading COMMON SENSE.


In our last email blast, I shared with you that Sharon Rizzi and I spoke briefly about the danger and unlawful act of giving young children medical diagnostic test kits at school. It seems evident to anyone with an ounce of common sense, but I have heard it said that common sense is not a weed but a rare flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden.

According to California State Law and Family Law, Schools may not provide medical diagnostic tests, medicine, vaccines, etc., to any child under the age of 15, without a Parent's written consent. After I reminded the School Board of the Law while discussing Agenda Item J:1, School Board Member Matt Brach said, "In the future, I really hope that we are not sending home these tests without parental consent." Suzanne Seymour said (2:13:07/5:18:57), "If we can do something where you can opt in to have the test sent home..." And then Board President Linda Reid chimed in and said, "That drive-through thing where you come and pick them up if you want them." Rick Phillips then said, "We needed to get tests out into the hands of the community." Then, after being told what the Law stated, he suggested what he wanted, "Parents can opt-out."

After, three of the five School Board Members, seemed open to an "opt-in." Somehow, a message went out to the Parents saying they were providing an OPT OUT. This is a violation of State Laws and Education CODES.

To protect our most vulnerable children, we must end schools handing out toxic substances to children. We must end any coercive manipulation strategies designed to lie to Californians about the risk of COVID for children. School Districts are obligated by LAW to do an OPT IN for children under the age of 15 for most medical diagnostic tests. However, sadly, children 12 and over can consent to getting vaccinated on campus and they can even get help to get an abortion and the School is not legally obligated to tell the parents. California has gone radically out of control and now they are giving out test kits to little kids like it's a treat. But the trick is on them because they are in violation of FAMILY CODE 6921, 6926 and multiple Education CODES. It should be common sense not to give test kits to little kids but obviously terror and statistics has eroded any hope for the rare flowers to grow.


This Wednesday, March 23, 2022, The Palos Verdes Unified School District (PVPUSD) is meeting at 4:00 PM for their regular School Board Meeting. Open Session starts at 5:30. All people have the legal right to address the School Board during the Open Session. The School Board is responsible for implementing policies, and it is the fault of the School Board that children are being given medical diagnostic test kits on campus. The School Board is responsible for creating an unsafe environment for unvaccinated staff, students, and athletes. The data has been presented to the School Board, yet they are still going along with the lies. There is ZERO statistical evidence demonstrating a need for weekly asymptomatic COVID testing. All evidence leads to the fact that tests are a Ponzi Scheme to keep the threat of COVID high to sell the vaccine supply to innocent children. The District still requires unvaccinated staff, parents, and athletes to show proof of a negative test.

If you don't like the policies, please show up to take back control. Tell the Board to stop testing and vaccinating kids on campus. Save PV Schools has been very vocal and we need more voices to join us and preach outside the choir.


  1. Arrive early.

  2. As you walk into the board room, there is a table with small index cards to your right.

  3. Pick either an item on the agenda to discuss or pick a non-agenda item.

  4. Tell them you are with Save PV Schools

PVPUSD removed COVID-19 from the School Board Meeting agenda. In the past, it was item J:1. However, it is no longer an agenda item. You can choose to speak on a non-agenda item and bring up any concerns you might have about harmful discriminatory practices that target the unvaccinated, handing out toxic tests and any other item actions you want to discuss. Don't assume the Schools will course correct. They need to know that WE, THE PARENTS, are the PRIMARY CARE TAKERS AND DECISION MAKERS FOR OUR KIDS.

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