How To Lie With Statistics

In 2020, Bill Gates, who in our house I refer to as Thanos, recommended the book, How to Lie With Statistics." Darrel Huff wrote it in 1954. It gained popularity again in 2020 when media outlets like the New York times and the Wall Street Journal gave it a thumbs up. Huff wrote, "There is terror in numbers. And nowhere does this terror translate to blind acceptance of authority more than in the slippery world of averages, correlations, graphs, and trends."

Every Pubic School took AWARD MONEY TO TEST, MASK and VACCINATE KIDS for COVID and they participated in the acceptance of blind authority and Government Control under the illusion of safety.

Then, the PVPUSD and other School Districts throughout the State of California, willfully engaged in discriminatory and dangerous policies that target unvaccinated students, staff, and parents to make life more difficult for them. And, they are still steering the sinking Titanic full throttle into the iceberg with no signs of course correcting for their erroneous errors in judgment.

Our Schools accepted a science-fiction agenda to force gene therapy vaccine trends that violate the United States Constitution, The GINA ACT and multiple Education Codes, and the Civil Rights Act (medical discrimination).

The PVPUSD District was very precarious by taking over 15 million dollars in award money to use COVID-19 testing to push vaccines onto our little kids. Receiving award money from State and Federal funds to promote vaccines on school campuses compromised their integrity and jeopardized our children's lives.