Building Community

Two years ago, when World Governments collaborated to shut us in, not everyone was on board with the "All Together" plan. As we saw memes of "safer apart," "don't share your air," "separate together," and "stay home save lives," it reminded us of what George Orwell called Doublespeak in what once used to be considered a dystopian fiction Novel, 1984. However, 1984 is more of a Historical Book than a Dystopian Reality. It was inspired by based by and based on actual world events, mass psychosis, and how power-hungry authoritarians use fear to control human behavior.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.

For those who didn't stay home or dared to question science fiction, we experienced harassment, shame, and censorship online and with family and friends. We knew in our bones that something wasn't right. So, we studied. We researched. We read the hospital data, and no matter how much evidence we found, former friends attacked us with gaslighting. They insulted us with verbal attacks and accusations that we were Racist for wanting medical freedom because the false belief is that if you were an anti-masker, you must be a racist Trump Supporter who needs to read White Fragility. We heard people claim that we were responsible for the Pandemic and if we don't listen to experts and do exactly as the experts say we could inadvertently kill people with our bad breath.

Nothing made sense because Doublespeak is confusing to people whose logic remains intact.

We saw the manipulation happening in real-time. We remembered reading about how Stalin and Hitler used Propaganda to influence individuals' attitudes and actions and cultivate public support for their idea of a "national community." The words, "We are all in this together," triggered a nerve in our ancestral memories. We were warned by Sydney J. Harris that "history repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done." As we tried to warn people we were met with extreme vitriol and disgust, "You are crazy!" those who volunteered for the party would say.

But two years later, everything we knew would happen has come to pass.

We knew that the virus would be mild for most, but most everyone would live in fear of being infected that they would agree to be injected. And, we knew the Institutions would not stop at one shot, or two or three, but now people are on to dose number four. How many more will it take to end the Pandemic?