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On August 11, 2021, Save PV Schools took root when the PVPUSD School Board refused to approve the Agenda and hear our concerns about the welfare of our children. They did not care that our kids were suffering. Over 17 parents, students, teachers, grandparents, and community members spoke on the dangers of masking children, the psychological damage of social isolation, and our fundamental rights as parents to decide what is best for our children. Over eighty parents from Palos Verdes showed up in solidarity to stand with us to witness the stories of anguish and pain of the COVIDIAN REGIME.

The School Board denied us our right to participate in discussions about the fate of our children. Former Board Member Rick Phillips tried to silence discontent. He weaponized children for political purposes to push COVID-19 vaccines and COVID tests and to make himself feel safe in his plexiglass throne of lies. Only one Board Member stood up for us, Mat Brach. Brach met us where we were. The loan ranger offered to stay back and listen as his colleagues turned their backs on us. They refused to allow us to identify as IMMUNE.

One young student bravely shared her terrifying experience of watching her friend pass out in front of her as the mask clung too tightly to her little face and left her out of air. But the lie had already become the truth, and then, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, demanded we "DON'T SHARE OUR AIR." After an hour of Public Testimony and back and forth discussion with Former Board members Rick Phillips and Megan Crawford, The District deleted our public comments from PVPUSD Media and slandered us to anyone who would listen. We experienced verbal attacks and insults from neighbors and former friends who didn't give us the courtesy of hearing our side of the story.

NOTE: When the majority of the Board is present, it doesn't matter if there is no agenda; the Public has the right to watch the meeting. The Board violated the Brown Act, and thanks to our Dear Friend, Mo, we have the footage to prove it.

A year and seven months later, AND after back-and-forth litigation, we finally received a tentative ruling from the Judge that our Case against The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and PVPUSD could proceed to Trial. The Honorable Gary Y Tanaka, wrote, "Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District's Demurrer to Third Amended Petition for Writ of Mandate and Prohibition is overruled, in part, and sustained without leave to amend, in part." And, "The Los Angeles County Department of Health's Demurrer to Third Amended Petition for Writ of Mandate and Prohibition is overruled, in part, and sustained without leave to amend, in part."

As a result, Barbara Ferrer, The COVID CZAR in charge of Los Angeles County Department of Disease will rescind the nonsensical close contact mask mandate. After delaying the Trial for a year and a half, the Opposing Counsel for the County sent an email to our Attorney, writing, "By now, I assume you’ve seen that the County’s masking policy has changed. As the attached press release (also available here) makes clear, the masking order that forms the basis of your petition has been rescinded. In light of this, please let us know if you will agree to dismiss your petition."

Judge Tanaka also wrote, "The 'actual controversy' language in Code of Civil Procedure section 1060 encompasses a probable future controversy relating to the legal rights and duties of the parties." To protect all Parents Rights the Momma Bears of Save PV Schools want to finish what we started.

NEVER AGAIN will let The Public Health Officials smother our children's smiles. If we win we will establish a Precedent that Parents can determine whether or not their child or children should be exempt from masking due to a disability. A Disability exists when a person is physically, mentally or cognitively impaired. If a child cannot hear, read facial cues, or breath the masks disable them. As Mothers, we refuse the social conditioning that tells us we can't decide what is best for our children. WE are waiting to hear how our Attorney, Matt Harrison, responds to opposing counsel but if all goes well we will see them in Court!

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