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Ensuring The American Dream Stays Alive

Midway through the Government Overreach, when school doors remained shut while grocery clerks and essential workers never missed a day of in-person work, we decided it was time for us to get together to fix what's broken in this world; because that's what Mothers do best.

We all know people who have died of COVID-19. Not one of us is a "COVID denier." We know the truth; there is so much more happening in the world than a bit of virus spreading as viruses do. We also know tomorrow is never promised, and it is our right to determine how we will live today.

We choose not to live in fear of a virus with a 99% chance of survival (even without a vaccine). And, we choose to believe the best way to ensure our family's health and safety is by focusing our attention on proactive health measures known to fight off the cold, flu and thousands of other respiratory viruses.

Masking is an outside in approach to health and one that is outdated. People wore masks during the Spanish Flu and still anywhere from 25 to 50 million people still died of the flu - why? - Because masks didn't work then but somehow a hundred years later they are now back in style despite a year and a half of evidence that says, "Mask mandates didn't stop the virus from spreading."

From a HEALTH view, we know more people who died of cancer, the flu, pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes, and suicide during the Government Overreach. We are critical of the propaganda pushed on us that says, "staying home saves lives." We can't remember a time in history when hiding was considered heroic and when tattling on neighbors; virtuous.

We believe the CDC and those blindly following orders have done more harm than good to The American Public. As we have practiced our Constitutional Rights, for having the audacity to get together in person and worse, show our faces in public, we have been met with verbal attacks, character assassination, and in some instances, physical threats of violence.

We want you to know: There is nothing selfish about a Mother or Father fighting for their child's right to breathe without the threat of punishment, shame, and segregation.

We want you to know that the control measures of weekly COVID-19 testing, masking, and social isolation have been in place for over a year and a half, and not one of them stopped SARS-CoV-2 from spreading.

We question anyone who refuses to course-correct because we believe these are now decisions based on ego, profit, and power; not on salvation, health, and healing.

In American, we shouldn't have to convince anyone that we deserve freedom. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Free men do not ask permission to bear arms...they don't need to. And any government that believes in a free citizenry would never infringe on their right to do so." We imagine Thomas Jefferson never fathomed there would be a time when The Government would convince the American people to abandon their faith in God and worship at the feet of pharmaceutical sales reps. We do not have to put our faith or trust in drug science.

The Modern Medical Establishment has never pushed the American people so hard to swallow any pill, nor has the flu shot ever been mandated for the entire population. Never before have Doctors threatened not to treat a patient because they didn't take their medicine.

Why is this happening now? - We will answer that question at a later date. But for now, we want you to know that we are the ones who have the power and legal authority to choose what is best for our children. This belief should not be controversial because it is laid out strategically in The United States Constitution; the most important LAW of the LAND. But in this strange new world order, mothers who refuse to cover their faces have been vilified by the media, by neighbors, and most alarmingly by school educators. This sounds alarmingly similar to countries run by dictators and tyrants; not by The Republic.

We do not believe breathing is deadly, and we will not stop speaking and fighting until every child and parent has the right to choose what goes on their face and in their body.

We love to get together for real - below is one of our many heart centered meetings and it is so sad to say that some people in our group do not feel safe to be seen because they have legitimate concerns based on the way they have been treated by members of our community. They have been met with attacks, criticism and ostracized simply for wanting a choice in what goes in and on their body. This should not be happening in America. And, it certainly should not be happening in Palos Verdes.

I invite you to listen to the theme - what is it that we are all saying? If this resonates with you then I invite you to join us because we are just getting started and we will not stop until everyone is held accountable for violating our Basic Human Rights and Constitutional Freedoms.

If you want to get on our VIP list let us know! WE welcome all fresh air breathers to the team.

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