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Building Community

Two years ago, when World Governments collaborated to shut us in, not everyone was on board with the "All Together" plan. As we saw memes of "safer apart," "don't share your air," "separate together," and "stay home save lives," it reminded us of what George Orwell called Doublespeak in what once used to be considered a dystopian fiction Novel, 1984. However, 1984 is more of a Historical Book than a Dystopian Reality. It was inspired by based by and based on actual world events, mass psychosis, and how power-hungry authoritarians use fear to control human behavior.

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.

For those who didn't stay home or dared to question science fiction, we experienced harassment, shame, and censorship online and with family and friends. We knew in our bones that something wasn't right. So, we studied. We researched. We read the hospital data, and no matter how much evidence we found, former friends attacked us with gaslighting. They insulted us with verbal attacks and accusations that we were Racist for wanting medical freedom because the false belief is that if you were an anti-masker, you must be a racist Trump Supporter who needs to read White Fragility. We heard people claim that we were responsible for the Pandemic and if we don't listen to experts and do exactly as the experts say we could inadvertently kill people with our bad breath.

Nothing made sense because Doublespeak is confusing to people whose logic remains intact.

We saw the manipulation happening in real-time. We remembered reading about how Stalin and Hitler used Propaganda to influence individuals' attitudes and actions and cultivate public support for their idea of a "national community." The words, "We are all in this together," triggered a nerve in our ancestral memories. We were warned by Sydney J. Harris that "history repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done." As we tried to warn people we were met with extreme vitriol and disgust, "You are crazy!" those who volunteered for the party would say.

But two years later, everything we knew would happen has come to pass.

We knew that the virus would be mild for most, but most everyone would live in fear of being infected that they would agree to be injected. And, we knew the Institutions would not stop at one shot, or two or three, but now people are on to dose number four. How many more will it take to end the Pandemic?

We knew these maneuvers of divide and conquer are war strategies and not a public health plan. We knew that staying home and waiting to be saved would lead to economic disaster and civil unrest. We knew that giving up some freedom would signal the authoritarians that the Nation is weak. Those pulling the strings saw how easily the masses are controlled with the promise of safety.

And, now we know that while Americans are distracted by another war in another country, our Governor has passed the ultimate Doublespeak SAFER dangerous plan. And, at the top of his list of false safety measures is more Doublespeak. We know the Case Fatality Rate is ZERO to .01% for kids. Yet, Newsom plans to ramp up testing by 25%, and who will he test? He is coming for our kids.

By declaring Covid endemic, Newsom isn't saying that it's over. He's saying that the thousands of viral mutations of genetic fragments of the SARS-Co-V-2 are here for good. He said we need to accept that we'll have a baseline level of deaths from it forever, but he's not telling anyone the truth, and the truth is that COVID-19 is like the cold, the Flu, and pneumonia is not going away.

We need everyone who showed up to fight mask mandates to get your vocal cords ready to roar about this attack on our healthy children. Newsom is targeting our children to get 100% vaccine compliance. The Smarter Plan entails administering 200,000 vaccines a day. Stockpiling 75 million masks. And continuing to test kids and unvaccinated staff as part of the vaccine promotion campaign. And, Newsom has plans to study our shit. No joke here. "The state will maintain wastewater surveillance in all regions."

WARNING: If they find COVID in our poopoo, this might provide enough evidence for another shitshow of lockdowns.

The SMARTER plan should be called an unreasonable illegal search and seizure without probable cause. The procedure entails Testing- and getting the right type of tests – PCR or antigen – to where they are needed most.

Who does Newsom and the Unions that pay him think need the most tests?

Answer: Kids.

The overwhelming amount of evidence does not support frequent asymptomatic Testing.

Newsom claims, "Testing will help California minimize the spread of COVID-19." However, there is no evidence that Testing stopped the spread of COVID-19.

California plans to perform at least 500,000 PCR and antigen tests per day. Kids are born with this wild thing that works 99% of the time to fight off the 12,000 viral mutations; an immune system...However, California wants to expand vaccination sites by 25%, and where will those sites go?...SCHOOLS.

So what can you do to save yourself and your kids from the evil villains in the world? You must stand up for what's right and tell people in charge what you think.


We must engage in a collective task force to stop School Administrators from using our schools as vaccine distribution centers. These Public Schools belong to us. They are built for the People and paid for and funded by our TAX DOLLARS. But Americans have gotten fat and lazy. Quite literally, 36.5 percent of American adults are obese, and another 32.5 percent are overweight. And, the Government benefits from our increasing waistlines because it is excellent for Pharmaceutical Sales. This sick care system has made it seem like staying home and watching Netflix in the middle of a Plandemic is heroic.

Our freedom in America began with the pen as we had people who were both warriors and scholars, not obese people scrolling for hours on Tic Tok waiting for a Government Check. Heroism is running into burning buildings and carrying people out. And, heroes speak the uncomfortable truth as they use the pen as a sword, open a vein, and let the words flow out. Heroism was the meeting of the men in Congress in 1765 when they declared that The English Crown had no right to tax Americans without representation. In 1765, Patrick Henry wrote the Virginia Resolves to prove his argument against taxation without representation. After years of arguing and writing letters, in 1773, American Colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing taxes without representation," dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.

Today's Trucker Convoy is a story of Heroism. The true Blood Americans who sacrifice long hours to keep this Country running are sick and tired of being screwed over while our Government steals from them and gives to those who stay home, watch Netflix, and wait to be saved by the Totalitarian Regime.

“The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”

- Thucydides 460 BC - 395 BC


Newsom's solutions are never suitable for the middle class, the working class, or any class. He's gone too far with his push to use Public Education as Vaccine Indoctrination. Schools should prepare our children for the future and not indoctrinate them into a belief that conditions them to be drug dependent and COVID-19 test subjects.


School Board Members, Teachers, and School Staff are not medical doctors, nor are they qualified to recommend vaccines to children. Yet, we have witnessed English Teachers preaching about vaccines. We have even seen Nextdoor Neighbors online and offline get praised with higher click rates and paid actors promoting the vaccines. But anyone who shares accurate data - like the Pfizer Data Dump of pages and pages of injuries written in 6 point font - we get Censored.

School Board Members are elected by the People and for the People. They swore an Oath to Defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Politicians and Unions are destroying the fabric of this Nation and stripping us, the hardworking Tax Payers and Parents, of our rights.

Where is our representation?

We can learn a lot from the Unions. Unions are well-organized heavily funded, and they have the power to negotiate for more favorable conditions and other benefits through collective bargaining. The Parents must learn from History and take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, "How do the Unions and The Governor have so much power and we the people have so little?" -

Answer: Not enough people are actively involved in the bargaining process.

We are partly to blame for our failure to show up for School Board Meetings, write letters, come together, and negotiate for more favorable conditions. When we feel outraged by our lack of representation, that is an opportunity to self-reflect and ask, "What can I do for my Country to make this Country the Country it is supposed to be?" Save PV Schools was born from this question. The Moms and a few Dads who started this organization were the ones who knew from Day 1 that we weren't just dealing with a virus, but we were dealing with foreign and domestic enemies who wanted to strip us of our freedom. And, the truth is, the other side will win unless more people get involved with the restoration of Parental Rights and No TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

Save PV Schools is now more than a few Moms and Dads. Save PV Schools doesn't just want to save Palos Verdes, but we want to save all kids in Public Schools from an indoctrination that manipulates them to believe American Values are wrong and that Communism is good. Don't let our name confuse you. We want every parent from every town to show up.

We were born out of a collective battle cry to Save This Country. And, so if you are reading this blog, you are seeing this for a reason. You are being called to fix what is broken. There are different types of people in the world and you get to choose how you identify:

  1. the ones who never notice the trash on the ground and add to it

  2. those who see it and complain about it and wonder who is going to pick it up

  3. those who see it, pick it up and keep going

  4. those who see it, pick it up and realize we need more trash collectors

Who will you choose to be?

How will you use your unique gifts, talents, and resources to Save The Country you love? When you have an idea about how someone should lead, that's your inner knowing telling you to go do that -

Be The Change.

If this sounds like too much first thing in the morning or whenever you are finding yourself at the end of the blog - you can always help us in our fight by donating to fund our Lawsuit VS

California Department of Public Health, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and PVPUSD.


And, if you are looking for community...

Let's Get Together

Our highest priority is building community and inspiring people to BE THE LEADER YOU WANT TO SEE.

No one is coming. Think of yourself like the first Settlers in a New Land. Not one of us are here to save you. We are here to encourage you to save yourself.

Tonight we are going to see Whose Children Are They; Exposing the Hidden Agenda In America's Schools. It's playing at The Promenade in Palos Verdes at 7:00. You can buy tickets online.

WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THEY? is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring brave teachers, empowered parents, and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today.
This film will be the starting point for a full cultural conversation about the need to return to the original intent of education, not indoctrination. “Whose Children Are They?” will inform and equip parents, teachers, grandparents and concerned citizens, to partner together for the innocence and well-being of our children. It will also educate all education stakeholders on the corrupting influence of teachers’ unions, and the vital importance of removing them from our schools, in addition to educating parents on the need to stand with good teachers, and empower teachers to stage a mass Union Exit.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15, member of Save PV Schools, Ana Coyle, is hosting a Community Park Play Date at Ernie Howlett Park. Please RSVP.






All School Districts post their agendas online. The School Boards typically meet every two weeks. They cover a large variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Academics, Social and Emotional Learning, Budgets, School Security, Pending Litigation, Employee Hiring and Firing, etc.

  • The School Board Members do a lot for the community. However, they are often bombarded with so many policies that they might miss pertinent information - like that the COVID home test kits contain toxic ingredients. At the last Palos Verdes Unified Board Meeting, Erin DiMaggio and Sharon Rizzi brought the issue of giving out COVID tests to kids and four of five members of the Boards discussed their desire to course correct for the next testing event by ensuring parents who want the tests can get them but protecting the parents and kids who are opposed to testing.

After two years of trying to convey a message to the PVPUSD School Board, one finally landed. Listen to the response we received.


To address the Board:

  • Come prepared. Read the Agenda ahead of time and decide if you want to speak on an Agenda Item or Non-Agenda Item.

  • Prepare a three minute speech or speak from the heart.

  • If you do not like speaking you can always write an email, letter or post a public comment. By Law the Board has to allow for Public Comments. As a Tax Paying citizen you have the right to be heard and you deserve fair representation.

Did you know that if your CHILD IS TWELVE YEARS old they can consent to get vaccinated on Campus for the current vaccines on the CDC schedule? How can we protect our kids when the Schools don't value parental input for children over the age of 12?


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