Vaccine Dealers At School

Updated: Mar 30

On Wednesday, March 23, Save PV Schools' Active Member, Juliet Zamel, addressed the Board Members of the Palos Verdes School District during the open session. Juliet is a local Palos Verdes Mom, a cancer survivor, and a health enthusiast. She has spent countless hours studying non-pharmaceutical treatments for illnesses and diseases. After suffering tremendously from pharmaceuticals, Juliet took healing into her own hands. She healed herself from cancer using natural remedies and is a vocal health activist. Juliet cares deeply about the health of the community, especially the children. Listen to what she shared.


Juliet said, "masking youngsters was not harmless." Children developed skin problems, infections, felt hopeless, anonymous, anxious, panicked, and said they could not breathe. Some adults were unmoved by the heartfelt testimonial of the children.

"masks made parents feel safe!"
"masks kept schools open!"

Juliet went on to say, "And, I get it, these are the only tools we were allowed to consider to get our kids back to school. But, there are many ways to stay safe that don't incur the long-term side effects of trauma and possible speech and developmental delays in our youngest citizens. Instead, we have dictated the pharmaceutical route to exclusion, which wasn't the safest or most effective and deviates from set administrative protocols. There is a lawsuit pending to this effect."

Juliet brought up that schools received millions of dollars to push the "Pharmaceutical Model" onto our kids. She said, "it is not without cost. The Government allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars in our test, trace, vaccinate, quarantine, and if Senate Bill 1479 passes, it will continue indefinitely! Meanwhile, if you study the authorizations of our on-campus "health" services, they are becoming thinly disguised drug dispensaries. Couple this with Senate Bill 866, which seeks to allow children 12 years and up to vaccinate without parental consent or knowledge! And Senate Bill 871 seeks to inject healthy kids in daycare through the 12th grade with the Covid 19 experiment. Even though research shows, healthy kids have nothing to fear from Covid! "

Juliet asked, “Who wins if these and many other similar bills pass? NOT KIDS!”

She said, “probably the highest cost is that we are teaching children that "health" comes in a bottle or an injection.If we seek to embellish health services, why can't we support health rather than fixate on illness? Let's focus on the majority! The healthy Americans without co-morbidities or unhealthy lifestyles recovered uneventfully from Covid. Let's study these people! Let's emphasize these habits! Let's challenge our school board to get out of the pharmaceutical business and get back to education! Let's empower our schoolchildren to learn; HEALTH IS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A DRUG!”


After Public Comments, the Board discussed several other Agenda Items. At the end of every Board Meeting, the Board gives their closing comments. During this time, they can share with the Public anything they feel is relevant to the Parents, the Public, The School Teachers, or any stakeholders within the District.

Rather than addressing the serious concerns and validating the facts that Juliet brought up, Board Memb